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Weld Data Management

  • Automated documentation without handwritten notes.
  • Early fault detection.
  • Traceability at seam level.
  • Risks are reduced.
  • WDM does not require any extra equipment or training of employees.
  • Calculate your task execution time per workpiece for the purpose of improving your welding production.
  • All system status data at a glance.
  • The WDM has an authorization system which enables the user to create individual authorizations.
  • Individual authorizations
  • Traceability in combination with Weld Data Management
  • Reduction in faults


All data stored in central database.

  • Data collection for all networked systems.
  • Helps to Maintain Welding Quality and Process Stabilitiy.
  • Limit violations are documented and highlihted

Kolarc Weld Data Management Web