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Tetrix XQ 230 puls AC/DC Expert 3.0 8P

  • Modular AC/DC TIG inverter welding machine of the latest generation
  • TIG AC/DC, TIG DC and TIG pulse
  • activArc® and spotArc®
  • MMA, MMA pulse, MMA cel, MMA cel pulse
  • Machine configuration ex works:
  • Tetrix XQ 230 puls AC/DC with Expert 3.0 machine control, 3.5 m mains cable including mains plug and 8-pole connection socket
  • Expert 3.0 control with 7” high-resolution graphic display (no touchscreen) with plain text display for selecting all parameters and control customisation
  • Robust housing with impact-resistant plastic cover
  • Provided ex works ready for water block connection – guarantees ultimate flexibility in industry and trade
  • Splash-proof in line with IP23
  • Temperature- and speed-controlled cooling fan – reduced contamination and less noise emissions as fan only runs when needed
  • Generator-compatible, even with long mains leads
  • High mains voltage tolerance
  • Consumables box in the handle – consumables always safely stored and within reach
  • LED status bar indicates the current operating status with colours
  • Optional network connectivity with ewm Xnet software via LAN or WiFi gateway
  • 3.5 m mains lead with 16 A earthed plug

OW Expert 3.0

OW Expert 3.0 LAN - Intuitive operation with customisation options: The new Expert XQ 3.0 control allows you to set the parameters of your welding task more flexibly than ever before. 
  • Language: CZ / DE / EN / ES / FI / FR / HU / IT / NL / PL / PT / RO / RU / SE / TR
  • Now anything’s possible
  • 7” high-resolution graphic display with plain text display (no touchscreen)
  • Five favourites buttons
  • Xbutton for individual access authorisation
  • USB interface for software updates and JOB copying
  • Click wheel for convenient operation with welder’s gloves
  • Reliable push-button operation
  • Customisable to your individual requirements
  • Direct access to all main functions
  • All parameters at a glance
  • Colour screen and graphical support for setting parameters
  • Graphic adjustment of all parameters in the flow diagram
  • Visual support for parameter setting
  • All key functions can be accessed without submenus directly from the home screen
  • Easy-to-understand, illustrated instructions and quick-access menus
Welding process DC TIG
E-Hand cel
Operating modes Non-latched
AC functions AC tungsten balling
AC sine
AC trapezoidal
AC rectangle
AC advanced waveform setting (positive/negative half-wave can be set separately)
AC balance
AC amplitude balance
AC frequency: 30 Hz to 300 Hz
Automatic AC frequency
AC commutation optimisation for highest arc stability
Ignition options HF
Pulse type Average value pulsing (0.2 Hz–20 kHz) incl. waveform setting (soft, middle, hard)
Thermal pulsing (time pulsing)
Automatic pulsing incl. waveform setting (soft, middle, hard)
AC special
MMA functions Hotstart
Average value pulse welding
Functions activArc
Automatic gas post-flow function
Cable resistance alignment
Job functions Number of freely definable Jobs 100 TIG, 8 MMA, 8 MMA Cel
JOB manager (JOBs can be copied and reset individually, save and load on USB)
Note AC functions only available with AC/DC devices!



Setting range for welding current 3 A - 230 A
Duty cycle 40 °C 230 A / 40 %
200 A / 60 %
170 A / 100 %
Open circuit voltage 96 V
Mains voltage 1 x 230 V
Tolerances -40 % up to +15 %
Mains frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Recommended generator power 7.4 kVA
Protection classification IP23
Test mark   
EMC class A
Dimensions (L x B x H) 550 mm x 224 mm x 415 mm
21.7 inch x 8.8 inch x 16.3 inch
Weight 19.2 kg
42.3 lbs
Standards IEC 60974-1, -3 and -10 CL.A